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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
1. The contextual buttons from character generation stick around after the game starts.
2. When the game is exited/ended, the program hangs instead of turning off the DS, which is a little unnerving.
3. Hitting the @ executes the "rest" command. Resting is a common enough activity that I think it deserves a permanent button, especially given how difficult it is to hit the @ in regular play.
4. Other obvious stuff from the faangband port like the appearance of context-specific buttons (">" when you're over a staircase, &c).
Thanks for the feedback Donald. Yes, aware of all that.

1. Just fixed (update soon).

2. Shows that end-game is treated differently in vanilla vs fa (like start game was, took me while to figure that change out).

4. I'm just starting to look at (basically, whatever is bugging me most whilst playing gets worked on...),

3. I've tried to make configuring controls as easy as possible --- just go L+R then double click a button to edit it --- if you want rest bound to L+A just enter "R\r" or "R&\r" or something... I do this all the time while playing (say, when I run out of id scrolls and need to switch to staffs, I just remap my "id-" key from "r0-a" to "u0-a").

I'll add a section of issues that I'm aware of to my page. Notably: lots of places information displayed out of bounds of small width screen. I've sort of fixed the menu-driven stuff, but it's not used everywhere (yet). Probably need to copy lots of mods from FA/O...

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