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I have tried all four of the patched versions, but haven't been able to start any of them. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about my R4. It says on the back of the box that it supports DLDI auto-patching and the firmware it is running os Moonshine(is that the right name?) 1.18. But the product itself is unlabeled. The storage is a 2 gig Kingston Micro SD card and appears to be working perfectly.
As I pointed out I am extremely new to DS homebrew so the problem could well be user error.

I have downloaded all the NDS files you put up, put them in Angband's NDS folder, and tried loading each one in turn. I have also tried running them from the Angband folder (I remember some GP2X stuff being fussy about directories.
Do I need to have everything on the root of the card?
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