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Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
Enjoying FAangband again! Happy to see the new release.

I am having problems with moving house to Gondolin though. This is the second character that fails to enter Gondolin after initiating the house move. Game crashes instead.
This is a known bug, fixed shortly after 2.0.0 came out. I really should release 2.0.1 with it fixed. If you play the latest release from here the problem should not happen.

Originally Posted by Blinkhog View Post
Just played through this to completion as a warrior, here's the dump.

Great variant, moving around the greater map through the different outdoor areas is really cool. Too bad 90% of the game is still in the regular dungeon. Would be better the other way around IMO.

I only noticed a couple of bugs, one is that items sometimes say they were found in the Arena. The other is that town building locations reroll every time you visit the town.
Also no quest on level 99 but I assume that's deliberate.

Going to play through again as a spellcaster I think.

Is the idea to move fully to Tolkein lore? As I noticed there's still lots of D&D monsters and stuff.
I had a feeling the town-changing thing was a fixed bug too, but can't find a reference to it; I can't reproduce it in the latest release, though, so maybe it's fixed?

Items found in the arena is interesting, where were they actually found? Any other details?

As for more time in wilderness and closer to Tolkien lore, I do have another project (Beleriand) on the go which I will hopefully be able to say something about soon.
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