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Xygos 0.1.0 "Zoo Keeper" released

This is the 0.1.0 alpha release of Xygos, a variant of Angband aiming towards conversion from V's fantasy milieu to an eclectic sci-fi / futuristic / post-apocalyptic theme.

Most of that theme conversion has been done, although the occasional magic wand does pop up here and there. It's imbalanced and crashy still, but playable (so the new timed-autosave feature is recommended). If anyone wants to check it out I would appreciate bug reports (even for minor issues such as garbled messages or aspects which appear to be unthematic, left over from V), suggestions or patches (on Github, or here on this thread).

Source is available here:
Builds (Windows and MacOS) are available here:

New (from Vanilla) top level files include:
BUGS (what it says - though most of them are marked as fixed)
BRANCHES (list of branches, with brief descriptions)
CHANGES (summary of changes made - the equivalent of changes.txt)

Changes from the last release include:

The win quests. Level 25, 50, 75, 100 in the Fortress and level 120 in the Space Station have a quest boss needed to advance. To win you need to kill the final one. Earlier ones have an artifact as reward.

Dungeons: They don't all start at level 1, and the side dungeons (not Fortress) now have guardians. There is now a separate recall depth per town.

Monsters: Removed all the old Angband monsters that don't belong, and added a lot of new ones.
Some have one or more passive attacks - on any successful melee attack it will retaliate.

Items: All unwanted artifacts, ego-items, base items are gone. Added are cybergear (arms, legs, brain chips), new armors, etc.

In-town quests - there's a shark or a lot of triffids menacing the town, and random hits from the Black Market.

Multiple egos: An item can have 2 egos, rarity and depth is between ego and artifacts.

Levels of resistance: No longer just on or off, but increasing numbers of resists give more resistance. Added gravity, water and inertia resistance.

Personalities: A character may be Athletic, Shouty, Boring, etc. with various advantages and disadvantages in stats, skills, etc. Some also change HP or grant techniques. Special cases are Munchkin (easy mode), Scrub (hard mode) and Split (change every level up. At level 50 you can change at will.)

Engineer: Add several item related techniques. They now gain exp from learning icons, and are zero-fail technique users.

Super: An extension for superheroes with costumes and powers gained as they level. They also have a weakness (a high vulnerability).

Randomly named artifacts, from a file of names picked based on the artifact's power. You can use all randarts, all standarts or both (which is the usual choice as there aren't many standarts yet).
There are also randomized quest artifacts - given as the reward for midbosses or dungeon guardians - which are always randomized even in a standart game.

And much more!
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