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This looks cool! Unfortunately ran into two severe issues with the windows binary:

There is no "File / Window / Options / Help" bar (which unless you know the shortcuts makes it impossible to start/load a game)
Trying to start a game results in a crash saying "Failed to find terrain feature General Store"

Edit: Turning off tiles in the ini files lets me start a game fine.

Played for a bit, some stuff:

- Random crash when trying to start a character with the unknown talents perk: crash happened after pressing space to select it, doesn't always happen.
- When a hologram monster gazes at me there is a message "ERROR: Effect handler not found for SOUND."
- Using roguelike keys, when in look mode "k" direction doesn't work
- It's easily missable that you can press Q in stores to look for a quest
- Firing a gun not at a monster results in the bullet falling to the floor and being able to be picked up again - sometimes this results in a crash
- Failing to use a gadget says "you failed to zap it"
- Matrix bugs are imbalanced, too easy to get tons of good potions
- Towns having different houses is a bit of an inconvenience when it costs money to travel between towns. Perhaps it's better to just have a single house?
- Had a crash reading an unidentified scroll on DL24 of the fortress, I'm guessing this was deep descent trying to take me below the quest level on DL25 but I haven't IDed it yet.

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