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- The card crash is reading a "local acquisition" card (and the greater variety)
- I'm way too strong early. At CL30 I have 380 HP, 150 AC, 5 BpR (with a dual darksaber so it's really 10), +17 speed and +2 movement speed. This is in part getting good loot and part monsters not being strong enough, I've been killing everything in one or two turns without getting scratched. Not sure how you want the power scaling compared to vanilla but so far monsters need some serious buffing!
- Cyber augments are a cool idea but legs seem way too overpowered. Movement speed is a really strong ability, I think you should reduce the effectiveness of a pval of it if you want it to be common. I don't think the player should ever get more than +2 permanent move speed (without some downside). Arm implants don't seem too strong. I only upgraded on my plain +3 int brain implant when I found a telepathy one after DL90. Implants in general sell for a ton without costing anything to implant / remove.
- Killing white horrors can cause the other horrors to get placed invisibly. They can't be seen or hit, but saving causes them to appear.
- When using a printer with plastic blocks there are so many items it goes off the screen. Needs to scroll or have categories
- Dark auras of grues should have some visual effect, it took me a while to notice they were lowering my light and weren't just invisible
- I suspected something might be wrong earlier but after probing the final boss and then checking the game files it seems as though all monsters only get a single attack - the one that is listed last I guess.
- Monster list feedback: I assume you still have work planned but I felt like I was mostly fighting animals (and usually ones from V) which wasn't what I expected. The only dangerous monsters I've seen so far are Mecha-Triax (appropriate in difficulty), shamblers (not too hard though, I killed one OOD around DL50), Cyberdemons (nasty), and Godzilla (nasty, haven't seen rPois at all). The other uniques I've ran into had much too few HPs.

Can't upload dumps to the ladder yet so I bundled a few into the attatchment if you want to look at them.
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