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Some bugs splatted

I've made a few fixes, the main one being that monsters no longer have just one attack:
I'd be interested to know how this feels - I would expect it to still seem overpowered, especially later on - but still, that change must make a big difference.

FWIW though, you may be overestimating the effect of dual vs. single foo-sabers. There is exactly one that gives you 5 extra blows, but you have to kill the win monster first to get it, it's the equivalent of Grond.

Between base items, the differences are that:
Damage dice are twice as high (2d14 vs 1d14).

Weighs 3-4 times as much and has -5 to hit, so you get less blows that connect.
Has x2 vs. x3 critical. Few things resist dark, light, etc. So that's roughly equivalent to doing 50% extra damage (2d14 x 2 vs. 1d14 x 3) in ideal circumstances (if the weight and to-hit penalties made no difference) and in practice less.
Still, I suspect that bumping up the weight and increasing the -5 penalty would help. (They are 10 levels deeper, so it makes sense that they are more powerful, but only by so much.)
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