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Devices for warriors can often be divided into early, middle, and late game options. There are few that are actually useful--but the majority of devices are not actually that useful for most characters.

In the early game, the following can be useful:


1. Magic missile is useful up until the player can find some sort of ranged weapon/ammo. Sometimes you just need to kill that shrieker mushroom or other annoying distance creature.

2. Stinking cloud. I used to always carry a wand of stinking cloud, because multiplying creatures seemed more common in the early game. I don't know if their frequency has been decreased in modern versions but it seems that way, anyway. So I'll pick up a wand or two but if I need that slot, I don't have any problems throwing them away to make room.

3. Wand of Stunning/Wand of Slow Monster. These used to be useless, so far as I am concerned, because of their low rate of success. Now they are much more reliable, which makes them far more useful. I keep plenty of both around in the early and middle game; they make fighting early uniques far easier and save you tons of consumables. Rod of Slow Monster will later replace the Wand, while in the late game fewer creatures can be stunned, so I often stop carrying such wands. I'll note that wand of slow monster can be recharged by selling/rebuying, while wand of stunning needs to be recharged by spell/item.

4. Staff of Light. Crucial in the early game until you get a rod of illumination.

5. Staff of detect invisible. It's important for characters to have some means of detect invisibility and for most characters, this is usually the best consumable for it until you get an item with detect invisibility as an attribute.

6. Wand of stone to mud. This is a handy, through not crucial, thing to carry if you have no other digging options, because it may be the only thing that will get you into that rare but juicy early vault. Easily disposed of if you need the slot.

7. Staff of Detect Evil. I may pick one up and carry it as needed, but I have no problems with dropping it. In the early game, warriors need this sort of thing less than some other classes.

8. Rod of Detect Treasure. A key early game item.

9. Wands/Rods that deal some sort of damage. Sometimes one finds one of these out of depth. They can often be more useful than a really crappy missile weapon, but most are not worth the slot, either because they don't do that much damage or because it is so hard for a warrior to reliably use them without failure. Out of level wands like drain life and annihilate can certainly be useful if you are lucky enough to find one.

10. Staff of Teleportation. Teleportation is necessary for survival, so getting one or more of these asap is important. I always have some form of teleportation with me. Amulet is the last option, ring of teleportation the intermediate option, but staff of teleportation the key one. Having one or two of these to carry around, plus a spare two back home, is important for the early to mid games.

11. Wand of Teleport Other. You're not likely to find one in the early game but if you do, I wouldn't use it, because it's too valuable later. I'd store it, then pull it out of storage for the mid game and later.

12. Staff of mapping. These are useful--but also disposable, if need be--sources of intel until you get Rods of Mapping or light sources that map.

13. Staff of Cure Light Wounds. I may carry one around in the extreme early game if I have very little healing but this becomes obsolete pretty quickly.

14. Staff of curing. May be worth carrying around until you find a rod of curing but very disposable and you'll likely start ignoring it quickly.

15. Rod of curing. Quite useful in the early to mid game, especially if you have a shortage of consumables. Would be more useful if success rate were higher. I usually carry around three of these in the early to mid game. As the game progresses, you'll get protection for most of the things this rod helps with, such as blindness, poison, and confusion, so most players will eventually throw their rods away at some point in the mid or late game, depending on their gear. Some people don't use them at all but I find they are quite useful in the early and mid game.

16. Wand of wonder. Occasionally I'll keep one around in the early early game, because it can sometimes help kill Wormtongue, but that's about it.

Leaving aside out of level items (like a staff of healing), most of the other wands, staves and rods have little use. I ignore most of them very quickly.

Mid-Game staves/wands/rods for warriors

Many of the items mentioned above as being useful in the early game are still useful in the mid game, like Rod of Slow Monster. In addition...

Rod of Recall. Very convenient. Better protected than scrolls and you don't have to worry about keeping your inventory up. I always carry at least two (in case I accidentally hit recall and need to cancel it) and usually carry three unless weight is a real consideration.

Wand of Teleport Other. Teleport Other becomes increasingly important as the number of "you have no chance with this right now" creatures increases in the mid game and later. It is especially important for clearing vaults or other goodie places, because running away may help you survive but doesn't help you clear the vault and get the items. So Teleport Other not only helps you survive but helps you get more goodies and artifacts.

Rod of Teleport Other. This eventually replaces the wand of teleport other because it has unlimited uses and is more survivable (beware of electricity). Unless I have a shortage of Wands of Teleport Other, I usually store any RoTO until I get three or more of them. I like to have at least four to go into the final battles with and if I have 8-10 of them am likely to be carrying all of them around.

Rod of Mapping. Very useful in the mid and late games, esp. in multiples, though can be made obsolete by something like an Arkenstone.

Rod of Detection. You'll begin to find these late in the mid-game to early in the late game and they are very handy. They replace Rods of Treasure Detection, but they have a slower refresh rate than that rod, so having only one is a little impractical if you are short on slots. I may store the first RoD I find until i find a second, then use them to replace any RoTD. If I have a slot free, I'll have both a RoD and 2 RoTD in the inventory. Eventually, I usually carry around 5 or so RoD.

Late Game

Rod of Speed. Rod of Speed is best when you find it out of level in the early or mid game; it's awesome there. It's useful throughout, though it has a serious limitation in that warriors may take a number of turns to activate it successfully. In this sense, even though more vulnerable and with limited # of uses, a staff of speed can actually be more useful. Staves of speed are common enough in the end game that a rod of speed may just not be worth it. For the final battles, you wouldn't use this, you'd use potions.

Rod of Restoration. It can occasionally be handy but it is most useful when discovered out of level rather than in the late game. It's long refresh rate is a real drawback.

Rod of Healing. It has a significant drawback in its failure rate for warriors and another in its long refresh rate, but it is pretty useful to help warriors defeat late game uniques without having to use a ton of consumables. It is best when possessed in multiples; otherwise it often just occupies a slot and sits there.

Staff of Banishment. Extremely important for a warrior in the late game. Some vaults will just be really difficult to go through without banishment, and unless you are lucky enough to get an artifact with banishment, this is the only practical source (you'll want to save scrolls of banishment for the final two battles).

Staff of Healing. Sometimes can be handy but they are fairly fragile and also drainable. Having any healing, be it via staff or rod or other source, certainly makes it easier for a warrior to go after uniques while not using up a ton of consumables that would be more helpful in the final two battles.

Staff of Destruction. Also crucial for a late game warrior. Without this, you're going to have to spend a lot more time running away or avoiding areas.

Wands of Drain Life/Annihilation. If you have really crap missile damage, these might be a potential alternative, but most of the time you'd just want to close distance and melee instead. The problem here is especially their mechanical reliability for warriors. In the late game, warriors don't have the luxury of being able to spend several turns trying to successfully activate a wand. Rod of Drain Life is even worse in this regard. So I usually ignore.

To clarify, I almost always ignore these items: Staff of Earthquakes, Staff of confuse monsters, staff of slow monsters, staff of sleep monsters, staff of dispel evil, staff of power, staff of holiness, staff of starlight, staff of remove curse, staff of the magi, rod of probing, rod of fire/frost/lightning/acid bolts, rod of fire/cold /lightning/acid balls, rod of hold monster, rod of polymorph, rod of disable traps, rod of light, wand of lightning/frost/fire/acid bolts, wand of lightning/cold/fire/acid balls, wand of confuse monster, wand of hold monster, wand of scare monster, wand of light, wand of polymorph, wand of darkness, wand of disabled traps, wand of wonder, wand of dragon's flame/frost/breath.
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