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Wow doomy, --- or should that be Dragonboneman, --- Hi! it's been a while.

I really need to play through the lw stuff again, including the last couple. I've been geting the E-mails and even writing announcements of lw progress for, ---- but I admit I do need to reacquaint myself with the series.

Right now obviously, I've just discovered Angband, ---- the first Roguelike I've found compatible both with my level of site and screen reading software, --- given the look command's ability to cycle through objects, the big tyle mode, and high contrast of the yellow targit box as well as the player in the old tyles set, especially in the Oanband varients with the double tyle mode, ---- though I've been having quite a bit of fun with Daajangband as well.

this is a great discovery for me, ---- given my thing about exploration, and the fact that I can't usually play games like zelda owing to all the blasted text.

Fair enough as reguards the sound Nick, ---- though not entirely essential, I would appreciate it in the next version, ----- especially if some extra sounds could be added if possible to go with the extra environments and game events.
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