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Spooky indeed, ---- though i must confess not the first time it's happened to me.

My general problem with roguelikes is the asqi graphics are slightly too small for me to see, and too damnably confusing with a screen reader, ----- imagine listening to "hash Hash hash hash" about 50 times!

I've tried Nethack and adom, but had litle look with either, --- and only really stumbled on Angband on a whim.

I started out playing Vanilla, but as usual when i try out something else, i thought I'd check out the recently posted varients, ---- hence why i began on Daajangband, ---- which is nice sinse it has the Maia race as an easy option while I get used to in game stratogies.

I'm greatly impressed that you've actually finished the game though. My best thus far is 400 ft, though i got eaten as soon as I got down there which was irritating.

I looked at the soundpack actually on the Angband wiki page at however it seemed to only come bundled with a rather older version of Angband which didn't include some of the nicer features of the original.
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