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Question Wand of Wonder Effects?

Does anyone know where I could find a list of all possible effects from 'a'iming a Wand of Wonder at some(thing/one)? And whether or not they are even chance, or whether the odds of each effect are weighted? I was using one on my mage against Smeagol... I was out of mana, slowed, and couldn't afford to get robbed blind... and accidentally ended up hasting him. Three times. Consecutively. Not only did I wind up robbed blind REGARDLESS, the little upstart decided to murder me... and he's never even successfully SCRATCHED my Warrior (who, in fact, inflicted all kinds of stabbity death on the filthy throw-back as soon as he encountered him).

On a side note: Can anyone explain to me how Smeagol can just shrug off magic missiles? I don't know about Angband, but in every video or table top game in which the spell exists that I have ever even HEARD of, magic missile does piddling damage, but can't be circumvented. Come to think of it, he seems to shrug off most spells. Those I knew by level 9, anyway.
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