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Originally Posted by MattB View Post
Apparently absolutely nothing.
Master Qs are actually more difficult to deal with than that guy because they have some ability to disrupt positioning (blink/teleport/releport to). It doesn't even require that kind of layout - I have had games where his first summon filled up the available space with weak group creatures like orcs, and he just sat there like a punching bag for the rest of the fight. (In older versions creatures used to try and summon anyway, so you'd get spammed with summoning messages with no result).

Anyway, my 'whoa' moment: (although this was more stupid/lucky than awesome)

Playing a paladin, fighting dragons/demons while partially surrounded. I've been healing up when I get low, but leave one a bit too long and then fail on the cast attempt. One of the dragons chooses that moment to unleash a big breath on me, I think single resisted lightning or something of the sort. This takes me down to 31HP and I'm looking at a <more> prompt, knowing that two or three other creatures in range of me have yet to move. I hit space bar a few times, fearing the worst. There are no more breaths, just a lot of melee attacks, and I come out the other end still alive and on 3 HP.
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