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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I used to worry about that a lot -- I didn't want to miss anything, because after I left the level it would be gone forever. But then I realized that the chances of me finding an amazing item by clearing 100% of level X are basically identical to the chances of me finding an amazing item by clearing 50% each of levels X and X + 1 (or even just rerunning 50% of level X again). Sure, sometimes I'd miss out on something, but I could easily make up for that through greater throughput -- it takes less than half the time to explore the most interesting 50% of a level than it does to explore 100% of the level.
Yes I'm aware that this is the case. And then in my case, the logical side of my brain and the irrational side get into a debate about it, and the next thing I know I'm looking at a grave stone. :/ When it doesn't matter that much, you can cave into the irrational and still remain an effective Angband player...
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