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[FA] 3.5 unarmed combat... How can you tell how much damage you are dealing when using unarmed combat. I am currently playing a druid and using unarmed combat w/power strike specialty. Not knowing my damage potential is driving me crazy!!! Having this info on the (C)haracter screen or visible in the (a) equipment slot, when unarmed, would be great.

Also, here's a bug. (FA 3.5 on Vista/laptop with no keypad). With 3 or more items in my quiver and (F)iring a bow, I cannot select the 3rd ammo by pressing the (2) key. FA says "fire which item (0-2)" but pressing 2 does nothing. In order to select the number 2 slot I must press (*) and then (2), and then it works.

Kudos on the shortened days, it actually seem like time is passing now. It takes about a half hour to walks across a large town. That seems about right to me.

Has anyone ever considered mandatory rest for the player. Monsters are often sleeping but the player never has to, and certainly wouldn't while healthy. Maybe a progressive 'fatigued'/'more fatigued'/'tired' feeling would overcome a player after days with no rest (with appropriate minuses to skills). It would be kind of like hunger, I guess. I'm just throwing this out there. I don't know if it's a practical or desirable feature. It just seems unfair that perfectly healthy monsters are often caught napping while the player never is.
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