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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
[FA] 3.5 unarmed combat... How can you tell how much damage you are dealing when using unarmed combat. I am currently playing a druid and using unarmed combat w/power strike specialty. Not knowing my damage potential is driving me crazy!!! Having this info on the (C)haracter screen or visible in the (a) equipment slot, when unarmed, would be great.
See this thread.
Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Also, here's a bug. (FA 3.5 on Vista/laptop with no keypad). With 3 or more items in my quiver and (F)iring a bow, I cannot select the 3rd ammo by pressing the (2) key. FA says "fire which item (0-2)" but pressing 2 does nothing. In order to select the number 2 slot I must press (*) and then (2), and then it works.
Probably to do with [2] being a scrolling button. There are no end of funnies in that department at the moment.

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