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At the risk of sounding stereotypically female, I find the shops really valuable and the Black Market indispensable. I often find myself reaching DL40 or lower without having found a decent shooter. Sometimes a Ring of Flames, Ice, Lightning, or Acid can fill in that one resistance I haven't been able to cover (and provide a handy area attack in the process). The occasional stat potion can provide a much-needed bonus boost at an earlier level than I'd be able to find it in the dungeon.

I think the usefulness of shops depends on your play style, and I like to come back to the town every few dungeon levels to offload stuff I might want later (like a weapon or armor that's too heavy for me to use at my current STR, or spare rods in case the ones I'm carrying get destroyed) and pick up more ammo.

I don't think adding a 'layaway' feature makes anything unnecessarily complicated or qualifies as "obsessing" over shopping. I just thought it was a neat idea and figured I'd throw it out there and see what other people think.

Apparently most of you think it's pants. Fair enough. But I would point out that there are a lot of different ways to play Angband, and for those of us who go slow but steady instead of taking a deep dive the first chance we get, the town is an important tool. Don't assume that your way is the only way.
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