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Originally Posted by Thraalbeast View Post
Lot's of interesting changes in v4. Many thanks to the dev team!
However, my recent collection of arms makes me confused regarding how blows/round are calculated (Angband v4 feb 12).
- Why more blows with s) 21.6 lb axe than a) 21.6 lb mace +2 a.speed?
- Why more blows with w) 49.9 lb morning star than t) 23 lb Eonwe?
- Very happy to see the x) weapon a pLvl 50 priest can't use. Curious though - what does it take to make use of the x) 89.9 lb Morning star?
Welcome to the new combat system. Blows are now calculated by your "finesse" score and the "balance" of your weapon (i.e. how much of your finesse score it receives, per the description). So you get more attacks with the axe because its balance is higher than that of the mace - but you'll notice in return that the damage multiplier with the mace is higher than with the axe.

There is a bug though, which is that v4 currently ignores extra blows. This will be fixed.

The morning star is simply too heavy - you need more STR. This hasn't changed since the fork - but of course V doesn't produce weapons that heavy, except Grond.
Haven't followed the forum so much lately so apologies if stating known facts.
Not your fault - we need a sticky describing the new combat system, and summarising other changes.
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