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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I'll freely admit I started only skimming posts pretty quickly in this thread.

But I can't imagine that you're making any friends when your argument starts from the supposition that the activity someone is performing is a crime.

1) This is a singleplayer game.
2) How you play the game does not affect my enjoyment of the game.
3) If the reverse is not true, then it is your problem, not mine.

The only exception to this is the ladder, since it exists in part so people can compare each others' performance. But you said earlier that the ladder wasn't why you were having this argument. Is it just because you think everyone would have more fun if they played without full monster memory? Clearly that's not the case; plenty of people are posting in this thread saying "Yeah, I tried that and I have more fun doing things my way". So what, exactly, are you trying to accomplish here?

I can't think of anything that can't be answered by pointing to item 3 in the list above.
Then, Derakon, why don't you read the entire post before you comment?

I've done you the courtesy of reading your posts (and every other post in this thread, for that matter) in their entirety and carefully considering your arguments. If you believe the game should be changed then do me the same courtesy.

Maybe this sentence would have made a difference:

Yes, I realize that there's a difference between a game and real life but this is just an analogy to explain a point.
And, if it is truly the case that how other people play the game is irrelevant, then may I conclude that you are endorsing removing *all* cheat flags - including the one for infinite lives?
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