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Stasis (teleport resistance)

Nick's feature addition of cone breaths greatly reduces the problem of having multiple enemies in LOS at once. While not perfect, it currently may not be suicidal to attack Ancalagon with a great wyrm of balance summoned behind him (her?). This has led me to reconsider giving some monsters teleport resistance. Part of the reasoning is to remove some of the obvious "teleport other" decisions in the late game which make the latter half of the dungeon tedious.

There's another point of reference. A while back we had a competition with no teleport other. I think the consensus was that it was annoying to have to deal with every monster also. The conclusion I draw from this is that having the ability to remove every monster at will makes for tedium, and similarly, not being able to remove any monster is equally, or perhaps more, tedious.

But, what if there were only some monsters that could not be removed? Would that be interesting? Does it make the final fight with Morgoth more interesting or less? I don't know the answers yet, but I can set out what I think the stasis flag should do. A monster with the STASIS flag:
  1. Cannot be teleported away
  2. Cannot teleport itself
  3. Cannot be summoned, except by "powerful" summons (to be defined later)
  4. Gets a save against Destruction/Earthquake
  5. Resists pushing effects (like gravity)

We could have a similar player status effect, which would be mostly negative, but you could throw on stuff like gravity/inertia/time resistance and it could be useful as a swap status.
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