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Couple of thoughts from a new player.

Really loving this game, finding it incredibly addictive. Still trying to get the game going with a smith build (Dwarf), but it's rough going. The two most successful builds I've had were for an archer (who died when she ran out of arrows) and a smith who lucked into some decent equipment and invested a lot of points into melee/evasion.

Some thoughts and questions.

1. Why does the Power ability reduce likelihood of critical hits? Are the bonus damage sides really that powerful?

2. I notice there are a couple of specific options for building specific weapons like Polearm Mastery and Impale. What are the odds we could get something for axes and/or hammers and/or the more oddball weapons like quarterstaffs and scepters?

3a. Typical stats for Naugrim (Nogrod) are 2/3/5/2, invest 3/3 in melee/evasion, 7 into smithing, put the rest of the XP into unlocking Armorsmith, Enchantment, and Expertise. Sometimes I'll unlock Weaponsmith, too, as early game success for me seems to rely on getting a weapon on Gondolin. Suggestions on how to improve this?

3b. My typical lifespan as a Naugrim is: respawn, die within about 10 minutes, reroll a couple more times until I can get to the forge at 100 ft. Any suggestions for survival early on?

4. What items should I be building at the first forge? Typically, I'll go for shield of deflection and some decent leather armor/boots.

5. Are axes worth it with axe proficiency? I'm not sure the +1 Naugrim receive is worth the penalty they receive to attack rolls otherwise.

6. What melee abilities are best early on? I've been doing Charge for certain as the bonus to-hit and damage seem to work out quite well. Zone of Control is good but I have a difficult time tricking enemies into moving adjacent.
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