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1. Bonus damage sides are rather powerful, particularly on weapons which roll a lot by default. +damage sides is one of the most sought after abilities on smithed rings and gauntlets. The true purpose of reducing critical hits, though, is to make the ability powerful when you reliably roll 4dx by virtue of your weapon being heavy, rather than when you roll 4dx by virtue of using a light weapon with criticals. It locks you into an early, though not immutable decision on the type of weapon you will be using.

2. Most of those weapons are already intended to be interesting by virtue of their stats or the egos they come with (scepters in particular), though adding some sort of Cleave ability (maybe 25% sharpness when using axes?) could make axes more interesting to use.

3b. If you go up the stairs at 50 ft, it puts you back at 50 ft, but this time with a forge, which makes the initial forge room easier to handle. Aside from that, even early game, tactical behavior is necessary.

4. Play around with various things and see what works. I have had a lot of fun with +2 shields of deflection myself, and on a smith, making your first item smithing gloves is generally worthwhile. You could also go with Jeweller instead of Weaponsmith, there's some good stuff there.

5. Axes are often worth it irrespective of proficiency. A battle axe is basically like a bastard sword, except with +1 damage side, -1 attack, and -1 evasion. This is essentially a tradeoff between +1 STR and +1 DEX and I think the values there are essentially equal. I will use whichever has a better ego, weight, or has +1 attack or damage side or whatever. As a dwarf that is +1 damage side -1 evasion, which is worth it unless the sword is particularly good. As a dwarf I would also happily use a greataxe over a greatsword, though I'm not usually a huge fan of the giant weapons. The critical issue is that there is no longsword equivalent for axes, and that there are no mithril axes. If your stats are weighted for longswords, use those I suppose. But don't count out the extent to which a couple extra damage can get multiplied when it's what drives you over enemy protection.

6. Zone of Control works best on mobile characters who are fighting several enemies in a room, probably using dodging/flanking. Notably, there are a couple situations where you can get a flank on one monster, away from the others, and have the one you just hit trigger Zone of Control on itself. Further observation of AI behavior in rooms should help you recognize these patterns. Aside from that, a lot of the abilities are simply not significantly better than an investment in melee or evasion would be.
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