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Originally Posted by saeniel View Post
Hello! My name is Eugene.
Quirk directed me to this thread from here:

My question is what about sound content in Sil?
I'm music producer and sound designer, maybe it will be great to add some ambient background to emphasize the atmosphere of Angband fortress. Or make some sounds for monsters, when using (r)ecall.
Please, let me know what you think.
Eugene, I'm not sure that I can be much help to you. Sil contains code inherited from Vanilla Angband and auxiliary files (in the lib/pref folder) to place graphical tiles on the screen. Unfortunately, the developer(s) who forked Sil from Angband did not appear to concern themselves with graphical tiles and broke much of the graphics system. In fact, when I first came to Sil I thought that it only supported ASCII graphics and was surprised when the graphics menu item actually did something. I had hope that I could just change the .prf files to point at the correct images, but the Sil developers had added objects and creatures that would have obliged me to change files in the lib/edit folder. I really wasn't prepared to do that until I could be sure that those files wouldn't change.

Enough about me though. Sil has a small number of sounds for things like hitting and being hit and such. All are contained in lib/xtra/sound. But you should look at Angband which has many sounds. I'm not sure how the sound generating events are defined in the code. But the sound generation really doesn't have any connection with the graphics, it's driven by game events.
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