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Composing music for Sil

I thought it would be super cool if there was a commodore 64 horror-esqe soundtrack for Sil. I was thinking it could be a basic theme that is added to depending on what is happening around you.

For example:

basic theme- No enemies in sight

+ 1 instrument - in the presence of unaware/sleeping enemies (in your sight)

+ 2 instruments- if confident monsters= 1 and aggressive monsters= 2 and the sum number of those in your sight is <4

+ 3 instruments- the above value about confident and aggressive monsters is >4


With enough work the theme could change every 5 floors. I have one song i made in the style I am imagining I made about a year ago. It can be heard here.

My understanding of music and how to use a DAW has improved since then; I am posting here in hopes that once completed this music could be put in the game as y/n option. (yeet)

Throw me ideas if you want!
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