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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
With regard to songs being split by race: currently it's been quite hard to balance them without imposing further restrictions, so I'm not sure how I feel about this. It would be somewhat difficult to make it work as you've suggested - Trees couldn't go at 1 elegantly, as many characters wouldn't have the requisite 5 points to get even one light level of benefit, Staying would be monstrously powerful, etc - but splitting songs between races would go some way to resolve the current crush of songs that need the investment to be cheap to be viable (Elbereth, Challenge, Silence, Freedom, Delvings, Thresholds). That said, we then weirdly incentivise the dwarven or human singer, which is dubiously canonical.
Well, another way to go about it could be to have all characters know all songs intrinsically (without having to spend abilities) but introduce minimum song scores for each song. Pretty sure you or wobbly mentioned that earlier? It might be a more elegant solution. Of course, this would create a gaping hole in the song tree and require heavy rebalancing but hey, new design space!

Also, I think the idea of every new character starting off knowing a language (Quenya for Noldor, Sindarin for Sindar, Khuszdul for Dwarfes and.. Taliska or Haladin (?) for the Edain) and have it affect gameplay somehow is pretty Tolkien-ish. One of the talents of the song tree could be learning a second language, or even the dark tongue or Valarin.

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