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Well, truth being told most songs are too situational to be useful full stop. At least that way the situational ones would be more likely to find a use sometimes. Which would be nice, seeing as many of the more interesting song concepts are pretty narrow by default, and I think the idea of singers being super-flexible at the cost of yet more melee/evasion is appealing.

Also one could combine this idea with the languages; eg each song has an original language (say, Elbereth and Sindarin) and is only fully available to characters speaking that language. Some songs could then be incompletely translated to other languages; Eg Quenya-speakers might also have access to Elbereth (because they are aware of Varda, even if they've fallen out of favour) but at a song malus. Other, higher tier songs could then be available only to specific languages eg Mastery could be a Valarin-only affair to require some investment in the song tree.

So they'd function like spellbook abilities, pretty much. Down to certain spells being available but weaker in different lores (like Nature and.. Holy healing spells in vanilla? Have barely played Angband).

For an instance each character could start off with their native tongue (represented as a "free" ability) which lists which songs are available (and at what penalties). Then they could purchase abilities to eg learn an extra base language (formatted as Bane), then have the option to learn Valarin or even the dark tongue (which could even give a stealth bonus vs awake enemies depending on Song score, similar to disguise).

Spoken languages could also add some extra diversity to character classes, should you ever wish to add those (eg Hador Nobles/Sages speaking Sindarin instead of Taliska).

Also, the notification messages could be different for different languages; eg a Hador might start singing the Song of the Trees with the message "You start singing about the splendour of the sun" whereas a Sindar Elf could go on about the stars and Dwarfes about the glow of the forge, and so on and so forth.

Haven't really thought about the game balance much, but there's plenty of inherent thematic potential there.

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