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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Well, truth being told most songs are too situational to be useful full stop. At least that way the situational ones would be more likely to find a use sometimes. Which would be nice, seeing as many of the more interesting song concepts are pretty narrow by default, and I think the idea of singers being super-flexible at the cost of yet more melee/evasion is appealing.
Infinitum, forgive me for being impatient, but you are again making sweeping statements that are hard to reconcile with reality. This is along the same lines as claiming that Smithing is not useful when two-thirds of winners take it.

The cheap songs are on the whole decidedly useful. Elbereth and Silence and Lorien support entire builds. I'm aware of players who take Challenge more or less every game to force engagements on their terms. Freedom is a bit more niche, I'll grant, useful as it is against Morgoth or in the absence of a digging tool; Trees is potent throughout the whole late game, particularly if one has been unlucky with lamps. Delvings is fun, but too pricey for the reward so tends to be seen on the ascent. Staying is a combat character go-to song at about 800 feet. After Lorien - yes, we're in luxury territory and it is a real problem getting people to invest.

You could call Freedom situational. I don't think anything else up to and including Lorien qualifies. Three of these songs are central to a build, Challenge and Staying are potentially relevant any time you have enemies to fight, Delvings you use throughout the ascent non-stop and would probably use all the time on the way down were it cheaper. Trees is very strong in a game in which light is so important. In fact I don't think anything after Lorien is necessarily situational either, just (in some cases) overly expensive.

I get that everyone's experience of the game is different, and perhaps you haven't found ways to use the songs effectively. Let me assure you this is not the general case, and while your suggestions on the Song tree are undoubtedly well meant, I'm finding it hard to mine them for usefulness.
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