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Originally Posted by MWGE View Post
Activating the Beaked Axe of Hurin while afraid, gives the correct "berserk" tag but leaves me afraid and unable to attack due to fear.
OK, I have chased this one down.

Berserk and heroism effects both give protection from fear, but do not cure existing fear.

Potions of Berserk strength and Heroism, and any spells that give the effects, also remove existing fear.

The beaked axe of Húrin, the boots 'Stormwalker', and the shield of the Haradrim all activate for berserk rage, but do not remove fear.

This is not new; it has been the case since at least 3.2 (well, Stormwalker was introduced later than that, but got the same activation as the other two).

As for whether pFear should be displayed on the resistances etc grid as suggested here - I think that's a yes. I guess they should also learn the rune.

EDIT: Actually, maybe not learn the rune, for consistency with resist potions.
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