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Level 50 @ enters the store.
He is greeted by the shopkeeper with a low bow. "Good day, my Lord. How may I be of service?"

@ looks at the various items on offer and is aghast to see The One Ring is for sale, but at a price far beyond his means.

"I'll take The One Ring, please."

"That will be 2,632,913 gold pieces, your highness."

"How about you just hand it over." @ places his hand on the hilt of his gleaming sword.

"I am sorry, my lord, I am not able to do that."

"And I am sorry that you value this trinket more than your life." @ unsheathes the massive sword and presses the point into the neck of the frightened shopkeeper.

"Very well, my lord! It is yours!" And with a painful hesitation, the shopkeeper lifts The One Ring off its hook and holds it in his hand a moment. His gaze falls upon it, transfixed, despite the point of the blade pressing into the soft skin just below his Adam's apple. He then feels a sudden, painful jab of @'s weapon into his skin, and a trickle of blood zig-zags its way down his creased neck. He chokes out the word "Okay!" and his open palm moves over the counter towards @.

@ swiftly takes the ring and mutters under his breath "why I bother to pay for anything in this Maia forsaken town..." as he bashes in the face of a happy singing drunk standing in the way of his leaving the shop.
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