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Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
Maybe I should fix the maximum capacity of torches to 4000 and nuke this "combining" thing altogether.
Up to you. The maximum value doesn't matter as much as the fact that each torch weighs 3.0 lbs. That's mainly why I combine them. If you're playing a low STR character like a mage the weight of three or four torches becomes significant.

How much code modification would be required to make the weight a function of the number of turns remaining? So, for example, you could take a 3 lb torch with 3000 turns and combine it with another 3 lb torch with 3000 turns and get a 6 lb torch with 6000 turns? I realize that this change would involve much more code modification than simply adjusting the weight of torches, or their maximum turns.

It might be best to specify a base weight, and then turns per 0.1 lb. For example, an empty lantern could weigh 5 lbs, but a lantern with 15000 turns could weigh 7 lbs. 30000 turns would be 9 lbs. Don't overfill your lantern, or you could end up waiting a really long time.
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