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actually you shouldn't worry about poison before dlevel 45 or so. And even then, if you can detect monsters, there are really only a few monsters that you need to avoid.

There was more of an issue in that you were fighting when you were wounded. It seems that perhaps the basilisk snuck up on you. You tried to escape with ?phase but that wasn't good enough. using _teleport, casting teleport, or using the rod of TO is probably a better bet. All those will have 5% chance of failing (and dying) and the teleport still has a problem of landing somewhere bad.

Really though, you should have been able to pick up other escapes. Anything that has a 0% chance of failure is a very useful escape. The best are ?teleport-level and ?deep descent because you always get the first move on a new level. ?teleportation is also fairly good, despite the possibility of ending up in danger. Lastly there is ?*destruction* but those are rare and you probably hadn't found any yet. If you don't have rblind and rconf then you probably need _teleport as well and _destruction when you find it.

The biggest trick is escaping before you're in danger. Sounds odd, but that's really the way to survive. Once you get good at that, you can start going deeper quicker, and just avoid everything you can't handle, and leave the level if it's too dangerous.
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