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Greater basilisks don't ordinarily show up that early, so to some extent you just got unlucky. That said, you could have prevented this by knowing that the monster was in the area. If you see an unfamiliar monster, you should assume it can kill you, especially since it's faster than you are and native to a depth 500' later in the dungeon. Thus you'd be well-served to leave it alone.

Assuming those two breaths were from an uninjured basilisk, they'd deal about 336 damage apiece. Of course, you couldn't have known that without looking up the spoilers. Given its speed, it could also theoretically have breathed twice in a row, taking you from full-health to almost-dead in one turn (assuming you started at full health, you'd be left at 17HP!).

One thing you can do when fighting monsters faster than you is to use your bow instead of melee. You had 3 shots/round, which means that only a third of a round passes each time you shoot something; thus, the basilisk can't double-move you as long as you're shooting. Of course, that does you no good if you need to run away or heal.

EDIT: on further review, you had +9 speed, whoops.
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