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Originally Posted by Oramin View Post


As an example, a Pit Fiend should be able to summon either:

1. Another Pit Fiend or Greater Balrog.
2. A couple of Lesser Balrogs or Gelugons.
3. A bunch of wimpy Greater Demons up to 16 Vrocks.
We're a lot closer to that mechanic in 3.4 than in 3.3.2 It's still probably a little generous in allowing powerful summons but it's not nearly as bad. The only way to get a dozen gelugons is to summon one of the unique balrogs with their escorts. 3.4 doesn't allow escorts to come with summons (the unique is bad enough!) so the ridiculous summons are ruled out. It's still not perfect.

the summoning power is calculated for each individual spell, so it only keeps track of summoned monsters for that spell. If the monster summons again in the next round of combat, it can pull in another high powered creature.

I thought about hierarchies, which is pretty easy. Only allow summoned monsters to be at or below the summoner's level. I'm not sure this is the best. But it probably has more to do with the way I associate summons, which is more like candlelight pentagrams and silly teens trying to summon powerful demons rather than a call for underlings to do your bidding. Regardless, either way can work for good gameplay.

One thing to realize is that there's a balance between player and monster. I often consider powerful spells like destruction, teleport other, banish evil, and banishment to be the players counter to monster summonses. You could also take the point of view that summonses are the counter for those powerful player spells. If you nerf summons so that 80% or more are handleable through normal combat, then you also need to nerf some of the player spells likewise.
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