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Originally Posted by Psi View Post

You make a comment about rings not having sticky curses, however you can certainly get =Damage(-1) {cursed} which is a right pain when you wield it! Likewise I think I've seen =Str(-1) and =Dex(-1).
Good call. The funny thing is that I think I mentioned cursed rings of damage in a different video I'll clear that up in a subsequent posting.

Originally Posted by Psi View Post
I could not believe it when you stumbled on that 4th forge at 350'! You then made a =Perception(+2) when scrounging for experience for a net loss of 100xp...
I saw that too! One of the fun things about these videos is seeing how many mistakes I make without even realizing it. I think I got confused because =Accuracy and =Evasion don't cost experience (or do they?), so I assumed all the skill-boosting rings were the same :|

Originally Posted by Psi View Post
I assume someone has explained the difference between shafts and staircases. Shafts are a darker shade and take you two floors. They are a godsend when diving or on the ascent.
Someone has, in a comment on the video. I find it astonishing that I have never once noticed this :/

Thanks for the feedback. One of my selfish reasons for posting these videos was the hope that people who are better than me at the game would help point out my mistakes. Please continue to do so!
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