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Question New unique?

Is this a new unique or have I just not run across him before?

Donald Trump (`p`)

A real estate mogul and reality TV star, Donald has an immense ego but very thin skin.
This evil undead creature is normally found at depths of 4650 feet (level 93), and moves slowly. Killing this creature is worth 118424.21 points for a 48th level character. He may carry up to 4 objects. He can open doors with his tiny hands. He is hurt by bright light and disenchantment, but resists chaos, and does not resist acid, lightning, fire, cold, poison, water, nether, plasma, or nexus. He usually appears with escorts. He may breathe chaos (600) and may cast spells which summon undead, summon racists, attack ally (360), call reality fake news (180), call actual fake news reality (180), confuse, terrify and lie about 1 in 2 times. He can slap to attack for 1d2, tweet to insult, wail to complain with damage 8d12, touch to molest women, and demagogue to get elected with damage 4d365.
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