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I'm afraid Sil-Q doesn't have the background colour highlighting for GCU either. I had a quick glance over it, but it looks to me like it requires the GCU colour handling to be overhauled to permit altering background colour. It's currently set using ncurses init_pair to initialise background and foreground colour together, and has a table of just 16 colours; it masks colours it encounters with 0xF to only use the last nibble. I'd need to extend the colour table, which might be easy or might not, I haven't really dug into this very much.

Something that will definitely be in the next release is [ and ] to show you a list of monsters and objects, Angband style, and that will also tell you which monsters are wary or unwary.

Apologies for the makefile issue; I merged someone else's changes and didn't copy Makefile.std over my Makefile so hadn't tested. I'll fix accordingly.

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