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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Depends on what version you're running. In 4.1 that +1 shooting speed doubles your damage output; in 4.2 it increases it by 10%.

+5 DEX is pretty nice for getting you extra melee blows though, so if you aren't shooting much either way I'd go with the Lothlorien. Keep the Haradrim around though; with some good bolts it'll put out a lot of damage.
Wait! 4.2 is out?! But I just got 4.1.3 a few months before I came here! *Looks for download, but can't find it.* :/

Well considering I'm running 4.1.3 , and I've got Foragsil as my melee weapon, with rings of Fire and Lightning (plus carrying a ring of Digging +5, for nasty stone types and other monsters hurt by digging [stone to mud] damage) I think I'm okay.

But yeah,... I have Haradrim in my home right now.

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