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A few questions on game mechanics

- How exactly does player perma-haste work? Does it apply to both attacks and movement, or is it just like having Sprinting on at all times?

- I'm a little confused about how Concentrate works, or, in particular, what breaks concentration. If I have ZoC or have Rage active, but attack the same enemy each turn, will I still build up a concentration bonus? What about flanking - does it count as an attack for the purposes of concentration? What about targetting an enemy with an arrow and missing? It would be nice to have a status counter that showed what's going on with this ability.

- I know Finesse reduces the base number needed for a critical hit from 7 + weight to 6+ weight. The description of subtlety says it reduces the base number by 2. Does this mean the critical hit number is now 4 + weapon weight, or is the "base" still treated as 7 (in which case it would be 5 + weight)?
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