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The advice to choose Damage over Accuracy is, as jevansau noted, intended for characters capable of melee combat, and who have a lot of blows. As a mage you get 2/3 the advantage a warrior gets from a ring of damage, and your base accuracy is low enough that improving it has actual benefits. That said, watch out. Your character should never fight a Great Wyrm of Chaos or anything that has a similar AC in melee. These calculations would be better made on the type of monster you do end up fighting in melee as an end-game mage, who tend to have much lower AC, meaning your base accuracy is higher, meaning that increasing accuracy is probably less necessary/helpful.
The advice is also kind of a holdover from back when the effect of increased damage was immediately apparent, while the effect of increased accuracy was invisible.

Traditionally I would recommend using a different ring on a mage, except you have absolutely everything including stats, resists, abilities, speed covered quite nicely so you may as well go ahead and use the Accuracy ring. Just don't let it tempt you into actually using melee against anything even remotely threatening, whether it needs to die fast or is scary in melee.

EDIT: Written before I saw your post. Unless something has recently changed, dragons are in fact equally likely to breathe at you at all times. They are, on the other hand, going to do a lot more damage with their breaths in melee range than they would, say, 10 tiles away, since breath attenuation was implemented some time back. Note that other monsters, including Sauron and Morgoth, will also use spells at the same frequency in and out of melee. The only significant difference being in melee causes (outside of effects on breath damage) is that when their AI rolls not to cast a spell, they will hit you if in melee range and move towards you if not.
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