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It is possible having a lot of AC helps make the melee damage of a Great Wyrm less scary (they are not particularly powerful), but it still stands that they are just as likely to breathe (I am quite certain), and their breaths do full damage, rather than the damage being reduced (of which I am entirely certain). Additionally, by taking dragons down slower, you give them a lot more time (which they can use to breathe) and because you are doing damage slowly, they remain capable of doing a lot of damage with their breaths for longer.

There are a lot of cognitive biases that come into play when playing angband, which has a lot of unintuitive probabilities and emotional baggage (you notice the third consecutive failed teleport a lot more when it makes you die etc.).

I don't know much about how monster awakeness works, and it's possible something changed with the tweaks to pathfinding and such, but last I recall, the only activities that really affected how monsters wake up or not was whether you had damaged them or shone a light in their direction. I doubt that melee is significantly quieter (especially when you factor in the extra time killing the monster takes) than spellcasting, in any case.

As for conserving mana, yeah, that's always nice to do. I recommend relying a bit more on devices to supplement mana, mages get a lot of bonus damage with those in current V. A wand of annihilation with a mage can consistently do around 300 damage a round, at range, with the only mana cost being recharging. Even rods would be likely to outdamage your melee, I think.
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