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Originally Posted by The Lay of Leithian
And when one climbed to her she prayed
that he would in the dark pools wade
of cold Esgalduin, water clear,
the clearest water cold and sheer
to draw for her. 'At middle night,' (235)
she said, 'in bowl of silver white
it must be drawn and brought to me
with no word spoken, silently.'
Major river of Middle-Earth, the water of which Luthien uses in the enchantment of her cloak with spells of sleep. Hence the restoration of Voice.

Perception helps you spot traps, but is not so good at getting you out of them. It does help you spot invisible enemies, and many of the skills on the Perception tree scale with your perception, so you can boost Focused Attack, Concentrate, Forewarned or Master Hunter significantly with the potion.
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