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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
I've only watched the start too, which seems decent. I do find the sound of your keyboard a bit distracting. If you've got some way to filter it out or can move your mic might be a good thing.
Yeah, I have a clacketty mechanical keyboard, I'll sort this problem out if I ever make more videos.

Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
An hour in.

Major river of Middle-Earth, the water of which Luthien uses in the enchantment of her cloak with spells of sleep. Hence the restoration of Voice.

Perception helps you spot traps, but is not so good at getting you out of them. It does help you spot invisible enemies, and many of the skills on the Perception tree scale with your perception, so you can boost Focused Attack, Concentrate, Forewarned or Master Hunter significantly with the potion.
I see, that's cool, I might try a more perception heavy style at some point. Focused attack with the potion buff could be killer.

Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
So now we're into proper Tolkien trivia, and perhaps more questionable denizens of Angband.

Nan and the sword Glend are mentioned in the Lay of Leithian, which I've already mentioned, and which is the main inspiration of Sil, telling as it does the tale of Beren and Luthien's descent into Angband to cut loose a Silmaril with Angrist:

I believe Nan is also mentioned in the Book of Lost Tales, which I sadly lack:

The cats, though!

The cats stem from an earlier draft of Tolkien's tale of the quest for the Silmaril before being replaced by the werewolves who served Sauron in his guise as Thu. Arguably it's a bit cheap to keep round creatures from an earlier draft, but as these are authentically Tolkien-penned I didn't purge them when I got rid of deathblades, and this is the first I've heard someone expressing a desire to lose them.

I think I would only really be prepared to get rid of them if I had something at least equally interesting to put in their place. One thing I have considered as a template is the "fell beasts" on which the Nazgûl rode:

Sadly, while hints of "fell creatures" and "fell beasts" lurk round the edges of the stories of Utumno and Angband, pretty much everything that has even a small part to play in the works touching Morgoth's story corresponds to a type of some sort e.g. dragon, or Easterling, or wolf, etc. Tolkien clearly was not so constrained when creating the Watcher in the Water or the Nazgûl's steeds, but Sil keeps mostly to things more directly mentioned in Tolkien's work, and if it embroiders a little on topics such as spiders, the brood of Ungoliant leaves plenty of room for such embroidery.

In some ways I find the idea of Dwarf Fortress's "forgotten beasts" seems more Tolkienesque to me than the escapees of early Tolkien drafts of the Silmaril tale, though the manner of procedural generation makes the results rather less than Tolkienesque much of the time.
I don't have any bright ideas but the cats just seemed out of place to me. I wasn't thinking of them as Beorn-type shapeshifters though, just mutant catbeasts.
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