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Monster Awareness Ratings

I'm going to relate what my research has tentatively discovered. Confirmation or correction greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing something, based on experiments.

Question: What do the monster "awareness" ratings mean in game terms?

The descriptions given in monster recall correspond to values between 0 and 255. The table below shows what a monster race's "sleepiness" is based on that description.
Min	Max	Description
0	0	is ever vigilant for
1	1	is vigilant for
2	3	is very observant of
4	5	is observant of
6	10	is fairly observant of
11	25	takes a while to see
26	45	takes quite a while to see
46	75	tends to overlook
76	95	pays little attention to
96	200	pays very little attention to
201	255	prefers to ignore
When an individual monster is created in the dungeon (not summoned) it starts with a personalized sleepiness equal to RS*2+1d(RS*10) where RS is racial sleepiness. The level 1 "wild dog" has racial sleepiness 10, so each one will start with 20+1d100 individual sleepiness.

Each time a monster would normally get a turn, you have a chance to disturb its sleep. You must be within its detection range. If you do disturb it, its sleepiness goes down by 1 (or more if you're closer than 50 feet). If the monster reaches 0 sleepiness it wakes up. The chance for you to disturb a monster is 100% at stealth 0 or less, and decreases by almost exactly 50% for every 3 points of stealth, up to 28 where the minimum of about 0.20% is reached.

But by that description, monsters would sleep about 10x too much!! So I must be missing something. Here's the code that I'm pretty sure converts the racial sleep into individual sleep (I need better terms there, as well).

	/* Enforce sleeping if needed */
	if (sleep && race->sleep) {
		int val = race->sleep;
		mon->m_timed[MON_TMD_SLEEP] = ((val * 2) + randint1(val * 10));
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