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Sounds good! Comments as requested...
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Big rework of dragons
Any further info you want to share on that? I've no idea what you have in mind!
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Changes to Morgoth
Are you wanting to make him harder or just different? I'd be wary of him becoming tougher until it is clear what the effect of removing the RoP exploit is.
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Redo terrain with properties instead of a bunch of special cases, as in Sangband and UnAngband
This isn't going the NPP route is it? I've not played Un but I understand the NPP terrains come from there (and that is the only thing that I dislike in NPP so far). I don't think there is a need to overcomplicate the terrain.
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Not on the list is fixing the WinCE port which broke for 030; I may look at that soon, but I have the feeling that the big low-level changes in 030 were the problem, and I'm hesitant to fix something that I may be about to break again.
The release date on the new HP pdas keeps going back, but when they do eventually release I'll take a look at fixing that too.
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