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Weight doesn't have anything to do with it, though it might have had an effect in previous versions.

Somewhat recently I discovered that bashing doors down is absurdly difficult for the player*, to the extent that you generally get better results trying to tunnel through the door instead. I submitted a patch that allows the player to gradually wear the door down through repeated bashing; with that, a player with 18 STR ought to be able to eventually bash down any door. Unfortunately I don't think that patch has made it to Vanilla yet (I submitted it for v4). If it has, then sometimes when you bash the door you should get a message about it creaking; that's the sign that the door's "bash difficulty" has been reduced.

* Bash chance is given as adj_str_blow - (door strength * 10) percent. adj_str_blow is a STR-based value that ranges from 3 to 20 for values of STR <= 18, and reaches 240 at the top end -- this combined with having only door strengths from 1 to 7 means that it's basically impossible to make jammed doors sensible both in the early and late games. An 18-STR character against a level-1 door has a 10% chance to break the door down on any given bash attempt, which is still pretty pathetic.

In contrast, the odds for a monster to reduce a door's strength is given as ((monster HP) / 10) - door strength) in (monster HP / 10). So a monster with 50 HP has a 3 in 5 chance of reducing the jammedness of a level-2 door to 1. If the door's strength is reduced to 0 then the door opens.
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