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Reading a book is great if you can do it.

I can't do it. It's too abstract.

I find the best way to learn something like C is to set a small goal I'm interested in, like say:
- "add a new spell or combat feature to Angband"
- "change the way that XYZ works"
- "write a little program that sends me an email reminder when I'm supposed to do that thing I hate doing"
- w/e you want.

Have a language reference to look at, follow examples you can find online, and then Google for any problems you run into, usually ending up at some stack exchange page.

The phrase "Cookbook" is sometimes a good start for example code on how to do something. I started learning C# from the O'Reilly C# Cookbook, coupled with a good reference, though I don't know of a specific book like that for C.
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