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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
It teaches very risky habits, I would say. It's all in what you're optimizing for, after all. This would be very much an opposite to the old "try to win with every character, try to mitigate every risk" strategy of the 90's and early 2000's.
I like OP's proposition. I find taking a lot of risks and burning through @s is a more fun way to play Angband than the "90s" way of playing Derakon alludes to. One of the things I really like about Angband is risk management. I believe it is a major reason I am able to complete quick games; by taking relatively "low" risks. For me a 10% chance of dying late in the game is not that high a risk. While I try to avoid taking them late, I will from time to time if I feel the pay off is worth it. I often take greater risks pre DL50 (the deeper I go, the smaller the risks I am willing to take). I take lots of high risks in the first 20 DLs. While I understand others will avoid taking 10% chance of death risk at all costs. Sometimes I feel my experiences in Angband inform my risk management in real life: if I speed here, there is an x chance a cop will be nearby, so I am willing to go 20mph over the speed limit. If I eat this morsel of food that fell on the floor (employing the 3 second rule) there is an x chance I will get sick.

Surely taking no risks in Angband isn't all that fun?

How many megabytes is 3 hours of video at 480p? I assume OBS allows setting resolution? I may try this. (I have been trying to find a good screen recording software but haven't yet found one I like).

I think I could beat Angband in 3 hours. But it would take a lot of tries. I think I would play HT Warrior. You can dive incredibly fast with that combo. My strategy would probably take major risks in the first DL30. This challenge suits my playstyle: impatient; non-analzying, brazen, reckless.
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