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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
OK, so basically what you're telling me is there is no spec, no scope, no information of any kind as to what needs to be done other than the form the file entries need to take (which I understood perfectly well the first time, thanks). No one knows what the link from the original ticket contained or what the original intent of the ticket was.

Essentially, you're asking for someone to implement a mystery feature that even you don't care enough about to make the slightest attempt to define it.
I think you may be kind of overthinking this (not an insult, in fact it makes you fit right in here). If you want a spec, it's basically:
  1. Think of game events where context-sensitive help may be useful;
  2. Write a list of said help in the given format.

How much of this you do is up to you - there could be 3 or 30 or 300 entries in the list. And of course you can choose not to.
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