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It will be neat to have a straight-up O clone. However, there were parts of the O monster list that didn't really work great, so it would be nice to have a difficult monster list variant which builds on the O monster list but changes some aspects.

Personally, I think the removal of confusion as an element that can be breathed and cause direct damage was a good thing for the game. Bronze dragons, more than any other type of dragon, were either bags of XP and loot, or your worst nightmare. Just like light and dark can inflict blindness, sound and chaos should be able to inflict confusion. There is no need for a pure blindness breath.

I do think (re)implementing the various metallic dragons would be cool. They could be given some of the more esoteric elements that currently only have hounds and vortices. I can imagine bronze, silver, and platinum (er, mithril?) dragons getting force, inertia, and gravity breaths respectively. A time dragon seems undesirable, except as a unique (the answer to one of Gollum's riddles). I suppose I should make my own variant, or at least my own edit files at some point.
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