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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Press "=" in game, then "a" ("User interface options"), then "b" twice ("Use sound"). From a cursory look, the option itself can't be compiled out, so it should be there.
Angband's interface is far from ideal, don't you think? I imagine what many new players think when they try to figure out what to do with additional windows...
The options don't seem to be saved

I did try to see if ~/.angband/Angband has any options although ideally it should be using ~/.config/angband/$whatever to be in-line with freedesktop specifications but that's something for another day.

see https://specifications.freedesktop.o...t/ar01s02.html for what I mean but as shared that's something that angband people might think of looking into.

FWIW, even after toggling sound=yes I don't get any sound and there is also no way to know if that option is being saved in-game.

That's the reason I was thinking of having a debug-mode so you could knwo what all is happening, for things like this.
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