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Arrow Sound & music enhancements

Let's discuss in this thread all kinds of sound/music-related topics in Angband


Recently I've made an experiment in PWMA: to assign some music to \lib\customize\sound.prf but it's got several problems, eg:

I've assigned

# Town during the day.

# Town during the night.


# Dungeon levels 1-20 (50'- 1000')

1) when I enter the game - no music playing
2) when I exit the dungeon and come to the surface I hear two music tracks at the same time: ambient_dng1 (continues even after the dungeon) and ambient_day. Cacophony D:

I understand that this isn't music system, but sound, that's why putting music inside doesn't work. It's was just an experiment - is it possible to fit music tracks to the current system..

..which brings us to /rfe - to add music system to Angband:
to have two different music playlists in-game - for dungeon and for town to make gameplay immersion deeper. So when you go to the dungeon - there would play only 'ambient' creepy music and when you return in town - would play calm medieval tracks.

Example of quite ingenious SFX system could be find in TomeNET, so maybe it's possible to port some parts of it to Angband or just take inspiration from there. Btw I've prepared huuuge oldschool fantazy music pack for it and would be delighted to reassign it for Angband.


Some /rfes for sound.prf:

1) # Store sounds
- to add flag for ambience in different shops. So when you enter particular shop - you hear ambience sound there, eg bubling potions in '5', whispering prayer in '4' etc. Also tavern could have special flag for happy songs.

Recently this system was implemented in TomeNET and I've already made my soundpack with ambience music shops, it sound perfect Fragment of TomeNET sound config file:

ambient_store_general = ambient/persistent/store/general-store.ogg
ambient_store_armour = ambient/persistent/store/armour.ogg
ambient_store_weapon = ambient/persistent/store/Weapon_Smith01.ogg
ambient_store_temple = ambient/persistent/store/temple.ogg
ambient_store_alchemy = ambient/persistent/store/alchemy-sound440.ogg
ambient_store_magic = ambient/persistent/store/magic.ogg
ambient_store_black = ambient/persistent/store/bm-sound500.ogg
ambient_store_book = ambient/persistent/store/book-LOOPMAGI.ogg
ambient_store_merchants = ambient/persistent/store/bank.ogg
ambient_store_official = ambient/persistent/store/official-sound493.ogg
ambient_store_misc = ambient/persistent/store/etc.ogg

2) More different flags for '# A monster is killed.' If there would be flags for different monster families, eg: orc, hounds, skeleton (my favorite sound - crushing bones yay) etc - it would make gameplay immersion even higher

Monster death sounds it's weakiest point of current soundpack and if there would be more flags, players would create their own soundpacks for it - it would make really awesome change in game's SFX

If needed, I could prepare list of flags for different monsters.

3) add flag for intro game screen and character creation screen (in TomeNET it makes really cool first impression).
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